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Your business is analogous to a house of cards - one blow is all it takes for everything that you’ve so cautiously built to come crashing down. Keys get stolen, locks get vandalized, safes get hacked into and everyday a business falls prey to security lapses that result in huge loss of financial resources. Do you want to make sure that your business is not on that list? Then, give Amber Locksmith Store a call. We have helped innumerable businesses, industries and institutions close security loopholes through our commercial locksmith solutions.

What it takes to operate a commercial locksmith store?

If you own a business and suddenly run into a problem with the digital locks, what would be your next move? Would you blindly trust any technician? What if the same technician sells off crucial business data to a rival firm? It’s not easy to run a commercial locksmith store in Brooklyn, NY area. But Amber Locksmith Store has successfully managed to accomplish this feat. All our technicians are recruited after thorough background checks and comply with a strict work ethics. We’ve also got the right infrastructure backing us up so that you’ll be assured of reliable and professional services when you opt for us.

Comprehensive business locksmith solutions

Simple padlocks and old school warded locks are all passé – say hello to the new age locking devices that are designed to amplify your business’ security. Drop by our commercial locksmith store and discuss the options with our experts. Some of our most sought-after solutions include:Amber Locksmith Store Brooklyn, NY 718-559-0330

  • Sturdy locks for improved resistance
  • Tamper-proof locking systems
  • Programmable digital locks
  • Electromagnetic locking systems
  • Customized high-security lock setup
  • Master key systems

Get an onsite evaluation by our security experts. Here’s how it’s done:

Step 1: When you give Amber Locksmith Store a call, a representative will first understand your requirement

Step 2: Our team will drop by and carefully analyze the current security setup and identify any flaws in it. 

Step 3: Once the evaluation is done, our team will devise various strategic solutions and present a list of options before you.

Step 4: You can choose an option that fits your needs and budget.

Step 5: Our locksmiths will implement the prescribed system and ensure proper functioning 

Step 6: Say goodbye to your security issues forever!

Apart from standard services and evaluation, we also provide 24-hour services to help clients facing an emergency such as an office or safe lockout or requiring an emergency lock change!

Visit our commercial locksmith store or call us on 718-559-0330 today!